Human Trafficking-Training for First Responders


Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 9:00 am


Teller County Sheriff's Office

11400 US-24, Divide, CO


Join the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking in collaboration with Ute Pass Regional Health Service District for a training on how human trafficking is impacting our state and region. Those who experience trafficking may also be victims of other crimes like wage theft, child abuse or domestic violence, they may be experiencing homelessness, or they may suffer from mental illness or substance misuse. Because these vulnerable populations often come into the purview of law enforcement and first responders, it is vital for these professionals to receive this training. This training will explore root causes of trafficking and the myriad of intersecting identities, vulnerabilities, and social and systemic inequalities that can lead to trafficking. Understanding root causes and complex trauma is key to recognizing the crime in its many forms.

-First responders including EMTs and law enforcement in the region
-Behavioral and mental health providers
-Any community partners in the region who work with vulnerable communities

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